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Welcome to the Ram Charit Manas website. 

rāmacaritamānasa ēhi nāmā.

sunata śravana pāia biśrāmā.. 

                                    (Baalkand Do. 34)

One derives solace by hearing its very name, Ramacaritamanasa (the Manasa lake of Sri Rama's exploits)


You will find the entire Ram Charit Manas text on this website, available in English and Hindi. We have tried to offer a description along with the original text, so this may help in understanding the meanings of each verse. We hope you will enjoying reading and searching the Ram Charit Manas on the site and commenting on the blog.

The search function will allow you to quickly find specific words or lines. The function will help you get the correct spelling and will over time learn from searches and continually get better.

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The website is totally non profit and has been created purely to allow users to enjoy and explore the Ram Charit Manas. Please forgive us should you find any errors or problems on the site, and please do let us know so we may try to rectify these.

Jai Siya Ram

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